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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  July 2, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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brent: this is dw news live from berlin. following reports of two oh attacks in nigeria. 190 people are feared dead. we'llo live to our correspondent in nigeria. the government summoned the u.s. ambassador and it's greek to them. confusion among voters in greece.
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should they say yes or no to a new bailout. boko haram militants have killed dozens in the northeastern part of the country. rounding up while attending evening prayers at local mosques. including women and children were killed in raids on to other villages. our correspondent joins me. what do we know about these attacks?
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>> from eyewitnesses so far, it indicates it was in nigeria on wednesday and even the day before. the biggest of these attacks there have been reports that several other places have been picked in the region. the military it has been active there for many weeks. but nobody reacted. and the military finally came too late. brent: those types of reports we haven't been hearing. have the militant groups regrouped?
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are we looking at a stronger boko haram right now? >> the biggest priority for nigeria. in the middle of this troubled region, it is also several talks with officials from neighboring countries in order to set up a more effective regional tool to fight boko haram fr. many are optimistic the new president can make some progress. but, of course, the recent
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attacks have been really major setbacks. brent: we have been here before. allegations of nsa spying on chancellor angela merkel. wikileaks has published new jock units -- new documents. they included alleged transcript of one of the chancellor's phone calls. on thursday, she called in the u.s. ambassador to explain. >> more revelations in the long-running nsa spying cancel. the ambassador was summoned to obtain the latest closures. they have demanded action from merkel.
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>> the chancellor needs to urgently speak out on this matter. if angela merkel really means what she said, friends spying on each other is unacceptable. >> in october of 2013, it was revealed the nsa had tapped angela merkel xfone. but they closed the investigation into the matter. new and more concrete evidence has emerged. the phone call phone call that was tapped in 2011. in the call, she allegedly discussed the greek crisis with an advisor. the chancellor spoke of her doubts that debt relief for greece was the right path. and in 2014, barack obama said
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that the allied countries would no longer be spied on. it seems the nsa tapped in various german ministries including the finance and economics. >> a democratic and open society cannot allow this to happen. it is uncertain if the spying has stopped. they have revealed the u.s. intelligence agency was interested in german monetary and commercial policies. this snooping had nothing to do with the fight against terrorism. brent: let's pull in our correspondent on the story for us. the investigation was closed because there was a lack of evidence. wikileaks drops this bomb. who is in trouble?
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is anyone in trouble right now? >> this is not the kind of issue when you're dealing with intelligence services that one particular name will be implicated who is in trouble. now, they say they will consider whether to reopen if there is new evidence and there are new accusations on the table. 69 direct phone lines are still active. so there is a big issue on the table. the trouble really is that this is not going to go away. there seem to be more revelations potentially coming in the future from wikileaks. this is getting closer to angela merkel and the pressure is getting greater to get some transparency into this parliamentary committee that has been set up to investigate. the person who is most in trouble is edward snowden who
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fought -- started this whole affair. brent: she has called in the ambassador before. what will be different this time? >> there was a difference in quality. last time around, she had her foreign minister leading up to the next election. this time, her chief of staff politely asked the ambassador to have a conversation. and what we have heard out of that is what we have heard before. the united states should respect german law. and the important cooperation on antiterrorism on intelligence is something that could potentially be slightly damaged by this. this is also about transatlantic relations. we are hearing from washington
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that these relations remain strong and that they remain important to the united states. but frankly so far, she only has to guarantee that her phone will not be tapped personally from president barack obama. brent: the details are very important in this story, for sure. thank you very much. >> you are welcome. brent: right now, the outcome is wide open. opinion polls suggest that the result is too close to call. they make that with more difficult economic reforms. greeks feel that they are being left with an impossible choice. tension in the country right now is running very high. hundreds of supporters held a
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demonstration in downtown athens on thursday. our correspondent has more. >> yet another demonstration outside the parliament in downtown athens. it is not the yes or no supporters but members of the communist party. in the latest development, the imf presented a new analysis and it suggests the greek debt will not be sustainable. it will reach 149%. they were picked to answer and admitted to mistakes. brent: reporting from athens. let's look at other stories making headlines around the world.
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at least 38 people have died after a theory -- a ferry carrying 200 people capsized. authorities canot explain how the accident happened in calm waters so close to the shore. tunisian police have arrested a people suspected of involvement in last friday's attack. the islamic state has claimed responsibility for that attack. the german foreign minister says europe's security situation remains explosive in the wake of the ukrainian crisis. steinmeyer was speaking in vienna where germany takes over the rotating -- remember the rosetta mission? it was brought
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by the european space agency. he just took over at the helm. the agency have been turning this into scientific -- and a scientific fact, surveying one of saturn's moons. >> the european research probe parachutes onto a mysterious world. saturn's largest moon, 1.5 billion kilometers from earth. it was humanity's first moon in the outrages of the solar system and a defining moment in the history of the european space agency. it was the ticket into the big league of space exploration.
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the esa has had spectacular success. the europeans will once again be in space history as the rosetta swings around a comment. three months later, it sent the lander to the surface and sent valuable data back to earth before the batteries when -- ran out of power. after seven months of sleep the suns's rays touched the solar panels and brought it back to life. the esa has also made great progress in manned space missions. it has built its own labs and supply ships for the international space station. research will continue on the outpost until 2024.
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but the esa has suffered setbacks. the satellite navigation system galileo was not born under a lucky star. infighting spiraling costs, and technical problems delayed the launch of the project by several years. the agency has its sights set. the rover will probe the biological environment of the martian soil looking for signs of life. the mars vehicle will have to drill a hole two meters deep. the european space agency going where no one has gone before. brent: back on earth, you're watching dw news. it is hot in here, folks.
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unseasonably warm temperatures across the continent. everyone is cooling off whatever way they can. i would like to be that baby elephant right there. we will have more of the worlds top stories coming up and we will be in business news. we will see if he bought us a new air conditioner. stay with us.
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brent: live from berlin, good to have you with us. in mosques in the northeast of the country. 150 people are feared dead. german chancellor angela merkel once the ambassador to explain rewards of nsa spy.
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documents published by wikileaks suggest they tapped the cell from -- the cell phone and other key members of the government. news that greases finances are deteriorating quicker or more quickly than previously thought. even on wall street, they don't like what we are seeing. ben: the international monetary fund is warning of a huge financial holding in greece. they need way more money than calculated. greeks will get to decide for themselves if they are prepared to accept international creditors demands for austerity in return for cash. and all the while, banknotes are running shorter as they try to withdraw savings. the money is being portioned out according to people's last names.
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>> security at the ready because there is money to hand out. one reason for the shortage is nonpaying loans. they worry that banks were not being serviced. that figure began climbing fast. it might this year, distressed loans acquire the totals. 11 billion euros to recapitalize the banks. rig lenders. brent: the worst oil spill in u.s. history. it a dozen people died when an oil rig exploded in the gulf of mexico back in 2010.
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at was an environmental disaster. it took bp months to cap a rupture. the litigation has been going on until today. the british energy giant has reached an $18.7 billion settlement with several of the states. mile after mile were polluted with crude oil. there were heavy economic damages. the u.s. justice department said it could be the largest settlement in u.s. history. >> this is a landmark settlement. >> a judge later determined the
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3.1 9 million barrels of oil had floated to the gulf of mexico. the damage payouts will take place over a number of years. >> the wait continues. i know some money has been paid out. but what is left? >> it looks like the states will get most of the money. the federal government there are local governments. >> if you look at the share price, it looks like the oil giant has been let off the hook. >> to start with it is still a
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lot of money as far as i know, the biggest settlement for an oil spill in u.s. history. they will have to pay this money over about 18 years. some kind of money that bp can afford and some of the money seems to be tax-deductible. and it is always good to have that so some of the uncertainty is gone. >> is it case closed? cracks -- >> civil cases are pending and shareholders can try to go after bp. regarding this settlement, it will get the ok by the u.s. court.
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it is not a 100% done deal and looks like the biggest part might be done for bp. ben: a huge sums spent on sending the case to the announcement for art. it international market is bubbling over with works by big-name artists selling up breathtaking price. they totaled over $2 billion and in recent weeks, somebody says it is three quarters of a billion dollars in london. establishing the british capital. >> it was the one dollar silver certificate that went for over $32 million. it is one of a series of dollar themed paintings. 70's had been expecting up to
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$28 million for it. not every work of art made it big. the francis bacon study for a pope they thought would sell up to $54 million that art buyers did not agree and it went unsold when it failed to reach its reserve price. >> it was not the night for painting, unfortunately. not to say they didn't have a phenomenal night. the portrait sold for 15.3 million pounds. >>'s other these -- seven these - sotheby's was crying all the way to the bank. >> a think it was a vote of confidence. >> the contemporary art market has a feeding frenzy phase that
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has little relationship to the value of the works. it is anyone's guess. what goes up must come down is an axiom that extends to all overheated markets. >> it is that simple in the world of business. brent goff. brent: what goes up must come down. don't forget the new air conditioner we need. >> wimbledon round to rolled on. roger federer and andy murray rolled on as well as defending women's champion patrick kvitova -- petra kvitova. after falling to dustin brown of germany, the 30-year-old ranked 102nd in the world. nifty shots close to the net and brown kept off his win with the service ace.
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they sent them packing in the heat. europe is feeling the heat right now. it rising and the continent sweltering in a heat wave. bracing for nine days of extreme heat with forecasters predicting temperatures of up to 44 degrees celsius. even britain has been sizzling in the sun. >> the heat wave is here to stay. the mercury hovering above 31 degrees celsius, it's a good idea to pack on the crane or get on an umbrella. fabulous blue skies. hive about 39 degrees and people here.
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it has always been chilly and raining so it a like this, we are making the most of it. >> the warm weather is making the daily commute unpleasant. in paris train stations, commuters are having trouble handling the heat. they have known for a week the heat wave is coming. they should put us all on air-conditioned buses instead. workers are using hoses. they are not used to such hot weather. it is ice pops all around. the system is called on only -- annalee. her children arranged a special gift for one of berlin's universities. the pensioner is soaking up the sun.
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brent: a reminder of the top stories we're following for you right now. suspected militants have staged several attacks in the northeast of nigeria. the militants rounded up muslim worshipers attending evening prayers. and then shot them dead. 150 people are dead.
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e international monetary fund has warned that greece could need an extension on its loans and possibly a massive right off as it grows slower than expected -- a massive write-off as a gross slower than expected. in tunisia, arrest of eight people after a beach massacre that took eight


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